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Sunday Evenings – Creativity & Faith

During January Nite Church will hear from Creative Christians about Life, Faith & Creative Endeavours.

4 January - Creativity in Song with Andrew Drummond (Songwriter & Musician)

Andrew Drummond wears his heart on his sleeve to write honest and moving songs about daily life and the world in which we live.
From the struggles of watching a loved one slowly pass away, to the ruts of relationships, to the battle with the voices and thoughts within, the stories told in his songs are sure to resound with audiences while entertaining them with catchy melodies and a warm voice.

11 January - Creativity in Word with Adam Byatt (Writer & Musician)
Adam sifts through the ennui, minutiae and detritus of life and catalogues them as potential story ideas.  They are pretty much a pad of sticky notes on the fridge door.  These ideas have a funny habit of forming the basis of his writing.
Occasionally he finds loose change.

He is an English teacher and occasional drummer with an interest in literary pursuits, creative endeavours,  rhythmic permutations, theological amplifications and comedic outbursts.  Surprisingly, being a high school English teacher yields few ideas.  Perhaps he just isn’t looking hard enough.



18 January - Creativity in Image with David Stowe (Photographer)
David Stowe is a professional photographer based in Sydney, Australia.
His studio "Society Photography" is one of Sydney's leading Wedding & Portrait studios, winning Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2013 and again in 2014 in the WEOA awards  (Wedding Events Of Australia)

Whilst photographing people is his main profession, he has a passion for wildlife and the environment, with a special focus on birds.

In 2014 he was awarded "Science, Nature & Environment Photographer of the Year" in the NSW AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography)

2013 winner of the ANZANG Nature Photography "People's Choice" award.



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